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Transforming Your Life After Betrayal


recorded just for you by an expert in betrayal trauma recovery

Increase Confidence

Find Unconditional Self-Love

Build More Courage

Welcome to the club you never wanted to join

You're experiencing sleepless nights, the roller coaster of emotions, and never-ending triggers because of the trauma you went through--but it doesn't have to be this way anymore. It's time to transform and create a new life for yourself.

Hi, I am Coach Beth Fischer

I've been where you are and I know one thing:

if nothing changes, nothing changes.

It wasn't until I made the decision to heal that things turned around in my life and my husband's life and in our marriage.

Join me in this journey to self-love, confidence, and courage.

Learning how to set boundaries, having high self-esteem, and having freedom from blame are only a few of the benefits you could experience by taking this course.

I created this course because I remember desperately craving those things in my life--and waited for too long.

If you're waiting for something or someone else to change before living your best life...stop right now. Today is the day to take your life back!

Get unstuck and start your transformational journey today with this free online course.

  • Why your triggers are a good sign

  • Who is to blame for what your spouse has done

  • Who the key people are that you should be talking to about your betrayal story

  • Why your spouse is not one of those key people

Feel better in only 45 minutes with 5 short, recorded sessions catered to your needs. Easily digestible content that you can access at any time, on any device. Understandable explanations and action steps that you can use immediately to start feeling better.

What Do People Think About This FREE Course?

"Great course. Very genuine; real, authentic, and transparent. Being in survival mode vs creative mode was powerful. Scanning your environment for dangers and knowing the power of the released chemicals. Thank you so much."

Dawn Borzon

"Thank you Beth! I loved how you talked about the creative brain and the survival brain! I have been living in survival brain for too long and am excited to start living a more creative life : )"

Shelley Melville

"From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for your videos. It really shows how much you care about others who have gone through the same thing you have. Keep up your good work, you are bringing light to many people who are suffering every day in darkness."

Tyler T.

"Wow I absolutely was blown away. I thought that because it was a free course it would offer me little value. But Beth poured so much into it. It's truly life changing for me and my current circumstance. I am committed to healing and I know Beth is the perfect one to help guide me."

Laura Almaguer

"Beth this course helps calm and focus. I've watched it twice. It helped me see it the second time with triggers and getting stuck in survival mode. Thank you!"

Patricia Barry

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